You are a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator or Operator…

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Now what?!?

What if we could...

 Shorten the "newbie" learning curve & provide 

the support you need?

Receive knowledge & support so that you can prevent burnout, find balance (& gain confidence!) in your role. We offer multiple learning opportunities - from deep dives to monthly lessons & live Q&A sessions, we have the tools and experience to help you become a sought-after Administrator/Operator. 


Passing your board exam is one thing,  but knowing how to lead your organization and those in it... well,  it's a whole other skill set. As a member of the Administrator Academy,  you'll gain insights and next-level knowledge on topics ranging from from Communication and F-tags to Human Resources, Staffing,  Resident sexuality, and more.

Build knowledge & confidence as the amazing Nursing Home Administrator/ Operator that you are!

It’s my mission to help others navigate this every changing industry and give them the guidance and support that I never had.

That's why every single program covers these industry-relevant topics: 

  • Boundaries
  • Human Relations
  • Resident Care Planning
  • Medical Terminology
  • Relationships of the Resident
  • Activities
  • Finances & Budgeting
  • Nursing
  • Environment
  • Dietary
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Survey Process
  • & More!

Administrator Academy: The Foundational Experience

The Foundation Experience is our first quarterly program and typically runs from September through November.

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Administrator Academy: The Advanced Experience

The Foundation Experience is our second quarterly program and typically runs from January through March.

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Administrator Academy: The Expert 

The Expert Experience is our third quarterly program. Enrollment is currently closed. To get on the waitlist (and be the first to know when we open enrollment), please click below: 


Resource Rescue (Coming in 2024)

Our monthly VIRTUAL In-Service packages will not only train your staff, but will give them practical application examples, resources to refer back to and test their understanding. 

Topics covered include all CMS regulatory required topics for annual review. 

*A 15% Corporate discount is available for administrators/operators with a minimum of 3 locations

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Join the Administrator Academy for Three Separate Experiences:

The Foundational Experience Covers:

Boundaries, Human Relations, Resident Care Planning, Medical Terminology, 
Relationships of the Resident, Activities, 
Finances & Budgeting, Nursing, 
Environmental Services, Dietary, 
Policies & Procedures, The Survey Process

The Advanced Experience Covers:

Self Care, Accident Prevention, Anxiety & Depression, Disease Recognition, Resident
Relationships with Family & Friends, 
Resident Sexuality & Needs, Employee Relationships, 
Principles of Supervision, 
In-Service, Education &
Ongoing Training, 
Social Services, Business Office, 
Community Resources

The Expert Experience Covers:

Self Development & Leadership, Isolation Management, Motivation, 
The Aging Process, Resident & Family Council, 
Disciplinary Action, Employee Relationships with Residents & Families, 
Employee Training & Orientation, Departmental
Goal Setting, 
Employee Evaluations, Therapy
Community (Volunteers,
Schools, Churches, & more)

We Are Now Enrolling for The Foundational Experience.

I never thought I’d be a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator. I thought I would be a counselor! Sure I grew up in the industry, having lived at the nursing home after school with my grandma running the laundry department and mom working as a CNA/CMA/RA, volunteering as a Candystriper (hello fashion statement), working in Laundry, Dietary, Maintenance, Activities, and Social Services my entire life. But I never thought I’d return HOME.

When my husband and I moved back home to North Central Kansas, we had a crazy adventure that led us to purchase a nursing home with a group of other community members. Because what else is there to do on a Thursday night in mid-October?  

For several reasons, we had just hired a newly licensed Administrator with no experience to run our home. (Talk about the blind leading the blind).

Overnight, the administrator  left and we found ourselves with over $250,000 in accounts payable and $94,000 of IRS 941 payroll taxes…..ALL UNPAID!

Our options were to file bankruptcy and close or climb out of the trenches and face the firing squad. With no one to run our home, I was the only one that even qualified to obtain a temporary license to operate.

So that’s what I did!

I navigated myself through the process of operating our building under my temporary license while doing my AIT training and eventually passing my NAB and obtaining my LNHA certification.

It was a crazy journey, but that adventure was truly just starting. I found myself in an industry that I spent a lifetime in, but felt so alone, unprepared, and unsupported.

14 years later, I have seen so many things, experienced so many things, and truly understand what it takes to operate a 5-star facility and maintain my identity of all that I am outside of my title in the home. It’s my mission to help others navigate this constantly changing industry and give them the guidance and support that I never had.

Now Enrolling for The Foundational Experience 

This 12-week program covers a different industry-relevant topic, complete with a weekly Q&A session. 

  • Daily¬†access to an LNHA consultant for 12 weeks¬†(a $36,000+ value).¬†

  • 24 CEU‚Äôs for¬†Kansas licensed administrators

There are three separate 12-week programs hosted by the Administrator Academy throughout the year.

Monthly Payments


per month for 3 Months

Join Now for $2,200

Single Payment


One Time Payment

Join Now for $6,000

Weekly Payments


per week for 12 Weeks

Join Now for $550

Become Elite

Everything you need to fully support you for a year and set you up for further sucess, including:

  • All 3 12-week Administrator Academy Programs.
  • Daily¬†access to a LNHA consultant for 36 weeks¬†(a $108,000+ value).¬†
  • 72¬†CEU‚Äôs for¬†Kansas licensed administrators
  • Monthly¬†1 hour, 1:1 meetings¬†where we will¬†laser focus on¬†you.
  • 2 pre-scheduled VIP In-Person days

Monthly Payments


per month for 9 Months

Join Now for $2,567

Single Payment


One Time Payment

Join Now for $21,000

Weekly Payments


per week for 36 Weeks

Join Now for $641.67

The Graduate Program

This year-long Program includes:

  • All 3 Experiences
  • Daily¬†access to a LNHA consultant for¬†an entire year¬†(a $156,000+ value).
  • 8¬†In-Person VIP Days (2¬†per¬†quarter)
  • 12 monthly¬†60-minute¬†1:1 sessions with Haely
  • Graduation ceremony¬†upon completion

Due to the high-touch nature of this opportunity, enrollment is capped at 5 enrollees. 

Monthly Payments


per month for 12 Months

Join Now for $2,567

Single Payment


One Time Payment

Join Now for $28,000

Weekly Payments


per week for 50 Weeks

Join Now for $616

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your experience, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.