A Dementia diagnosis can feel like the end of the world...

From the moment the diagnosis comes in, your head can feel like it’s spinning. Already overwhelmed with care, inundated with more questions than answers, you’re often left feeling isolated and alone or often drowning in anxiety.


Let me be your life raft! With over 30+ years of experience with Dementia, I understand that you need support: like yesterday, available on your schedule to handle the tough topics no one wants to talk about.

I know you weren’t expecting to be here right now, on this journey, but you don’t have to do this alone.

Discover Your Support System

If you've met one person with Dementia, you've met one person with Dementia. Every day is a unique journey and having the right kind of support is powerful.

When you're dealing with a Dementia diagnosis, every individual and every day is brand new - totally, 1000% unique.

That's why we're passionate about providing you with the knowledge and support you've been searching for - so that you do not have to do this alone anymore. 

I still remember my first experience with Dementia...

I was only five.

 Having practically lived at the nursing home after school with my grandma running the laundry department and mom working as a CNA/CMA/RA, I grew up with more “Bonus grandparents” than I can remember. 

My first ‘bonus grandma,” Gladys, knit me sweaters and always had candy waiting for me. But when I walked in one day and “grandma” didn’t know who I was, my little heart was confused.

Over the years, healthcare settings have been a natural, comfortable environment for me.

I grew up around people with special needs, which was always a natural comfort and connection for me. It was almost as if I could understand more of what wasn't being said than what was.

A series of random circumstances led my husband and I to purchase a local Nursing Home in our community back in 2008. Over those 14 years of running the home, there were over 500 individuals that I had the honor to care for. Of these individuals, close to 90% had dementia. Caring for that many people with dementia, every day was a new adventure with a new set of skills to develop.


In 2012, I found myself in a different position. This time, it was personal.

My amazing Grandpa had been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. He was my grandma’s caregiver. I quickly found myself having conversations with my grandpa and father about what grandma’s care would look like after grandpa was gone. It turned out that Grandma had been diagnosed with early-onset Dementia (Alzheimer’s type). 

When Grandpa passed the next year, we started our journey of being caregivers for Grandma. In 2015, despite all the best support, Grandma’s care required 24-hour care. She moved in with me to the skilled nursing home I was blessed to own and operate. 

Five years later, Grandma succumbed to her Alzheimer’s diagnosis and joined Grandpa for a blessed reunion.

I treasure those years! But I also remember the frustrations I faced in navigating the system for her… a system that I actually was accustomed to! 

In honor of my grandma, I vowed to do everything I could to share my knowledge and experience with others to help ease their difficulties in the journey of a Dementia diagnosis. Thus the tribute of Dementia Discoveries. It’s my honor to share my lifetime of experience with this disease and years of experience as a caregiver and personal relative of loved ones with dementia with you.

I'm so glad I found you!!

"More than a savvy policy advocate, dementia guru, and heart-centered practitioner, Haely has been both a mentor and friend when I needed someone to help me navigate palliative care planning for my mother-in-law. Haely's years of expertise as a nursing home administrator helped me feel confident in her suggestions and recommendations for my loved one."


"Thank you so much for your time and attention, and expertise. I am gaining clarity on my own resistance to being in this situation. I also realize how burnt out I am from dealing with a myriad of problems non-stop for many years. Thank you so much for helping me with it. Thanks so much for your heart of gold. Please know that you are making such a huge difference in our lives."


"Haely was not only kind, compassionate, and understanding of my unique family dynamic, but she was professional, thorough, and detailed in her follow-up and follow-through. I felt supported and heard. After working with Haely, I can confidently say I would recommend her, without reservation, to mfriends and family. Thank you for being my support and friend. You are a Godsend"




Are you the primary caregiver for someone with Dementia?

Do you care about someone with a Dementia diagnosis?

Want to know the warning signs & how you can help make the Dementia journey a little easier?

All of those google searches have finally paid off - you found the support system you've been searching for. Right here. With us here at Dementia Discoveries.


Plus, Monthly LIVE Classes on Relevant Topics Like: 

  • Paperwork Clarity: How to get the necessary¬†paperwork in order & what paperwork you need to have at all times as you care for someone with dementia.¬†

  • Resources: Which (re)sources cover what needs, and what types of supportive services are there?

  • Caring for the Caregiver: Maintaining self-care while being aware of trauma and boundaries.¬†

  • Setting Up the Environment for Success: How to set up a functional home environment for caregiving.

  • Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication: How to understand communication about pain, unmet needs, emotions, hunger, anxiety, aggression, & agitation.¬†

  • Shifting Dietary¬†Needs:¬†When appetite or food tolerances change - when to employ finger foods, diet types, liquids/blended meals, & increasing caloric intake.

  • Sundowning, Bedtime Routines and Sleep Patterns:¬†How Bedtime routines, sleep patterns, and sundowning for those in your care.¬†


  • ¬†Reducing the Grief of Grooming: Dealing with incontinence, bathing, dressing, nail maintenance & caring for teeth¬†with dignity.

  • Wandering: How to redirect the behavior when "wandering" becomes unsafe, what "safe" wandering looks like, & additional resources to keep your loved one safe.

  • Trading Spaces:¬†Choosing a new home, including the best times for¬†independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing facility, long-term care, memory care, geriatric psychology, and more.¬†

  • The End-of-Life¬†Transition: Understanding what the end of life looks like with a dementia diagnosis looks like, developing a life-care plan, emotional, spiritual, and family support resources & tips.¬†

  • Unpacking Your Grief:¬†Grief changes over the course of your caregiving journey. It doesn't go away with a passing, we need to shift how to live with it and honor it.¬†

My name is Haely Ordoyne and it’s an honor to meet you, right here, right now, wherever you are in your journey.

I never imagined that I would be a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, Certified Dementia Care Specialist, Legislative Advocate in the state of Kansas and Multriprenur of 6 companies, but here I am! 

I’m sure you never imagined you would be here either, but here you are, on your own journey, needing a guiding hand. 


I’m honored you are here, and I’m here to help. My passion is empowering and educating, and I believe that this combination can move mountains. Support is lacking so much in this day and age. Gone are the days when we wear one hat and have one title. Knowing how to navigate systems, set healthy boundaries and utilize unknown resources can change the trajectory of your journey.

Let’s walk together on the adventure of education and empowerment.

If you’ve found yourself here, you know you’re needing additional support and guidance through this journey. Dementia Discoveries is here to provide an all-encompassing library of resources that you don’t have to hunt down. We’re here to take the guesswork out of it for you. Join our free community at Dementia Discoveries to start receiving support on your journey with Dementia.

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The days with Dementia can be grueling, but with the right kind of support and education, you can be empowered with solutions to decrease frustration.

To provide you with an elite personalized care experience, Space is limited to our in-home support experience. We only offer this to 5 clients each quarter, so secure your Space while it’s available.



Everyone’s Dementia journey is different. Find the right level of support for you:

Educated & Empowered


3 month commitment required

  • $97/mo. membership
  • Immediate access to¬†3 Foundation Lessons
  • Cancel at anytime (after the first 90 days)¬†
  • A focused educational training¬†each month
  • Access to recordings of previous trainings
  • Professional¬†education by a Certified Dementia Practitioner
  • A supportive community of people that "get it"
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Caregivers Council


3 month commitment required

  • $247/mo. VIP membership
  • Immediate access to¬†3¬†Foundation Lessons
  • A¬†focused educational training¬†each month
  • Access to recordings of previous trainings
  • Exclusive Access to¬†our monthly¬†VIP LIVE Q&A calls
  • Professional education by a Certified Dementia Practitioner
  • Discounts on 1:1 sessions & additional programs
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Dementia Discoveries will help you...

  • Eliminate the fear of the unknown
  • Have a community of support and people who understand what you’re going through
  • Find solutions to struggles of daily living
  • Gain the knowledge of where to start and how to prepare yourself legally
  • Learn how to navigate through the senior living system and supports available
  • Delay or prevent your loved one from needing to move into a nursing home
  • Understand the medical system and navigate as an empowered individual with knowledge
I'm Ready for Help

Haely in My Home


Actual pricing is dependent upon your needs & travel requirements.

Do you need a professional set of eyes in your environment to see what you see, experience what you experience and guide you in a more peaceful way of caregiving? Schedule a 30 minute chat to see if an in-home visit from a certified Dementia Care Specialist is right for you.

  • Fully customized, 1:1 support plan created by a certified Dementia Care Specialist  
  • Home & Support Center/Facility Assessment(s) 
  • Personalized care plan
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